Dracula - 1931
Dracula - 1931


The legend of vampire Count Dracula begins here with this original 1931 Dracula film starring Bela Lugosi.
Count Dracula
Bela Lugosi
Mina Seward
Helen Chandler
John Harker
David Manners
Dwight Frye
Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Edward Van Sloan
Dr. Jack Seward
Herbert Bunston
Lucy Weston
Frances Dade
Joan Standing
Charles K. Gerrard
Anna Bakacs
Nicholas Bela
Coach Passenger (uncredited)
Daisy Belmore
Barbara Bozoky
Harbormaster (voice) (uncredited)
Tod Browning
Moon Carroll
Geraldine Dvorak
Scientist (uncredited)
John George
Anita Harder
Carla Laemmle
Coach Passenger (uncredited)
Donald Murphy
Surgeon (uncredited)
Wyndham Standing
Dracula's Bride (uncredited)
Cornelia Thaw
Dracula's Bride (uncredited)
Dorothy Tree
Josephine Velez
Michael Visaroff
Concertgoer Outside Theater (uncredited)
Florence Wix
Karl Freund
Tod Browning
Tod Browning
Tod Browning
Bram Stoker
Hamilton Deane
John L. Balderston
Milton Carruth
E. M. Asher
Carl Laemmle Jr.
Louis Bromfield
Charles D. Hall
C. Roy Hunter
Maurice Pivar
Russell A. Gausman
Vera West
Carl Laemmle
Garrett Fort
Jack P. Pierce
Heinz Roemheld
John P. Fulton
John Hoffman
John Hoffman
Herman Schlom
Louis Stevens
Dudley Murphy
Dudley Murphy
Charles Logue
Scott R. Beal
William Hedgcock
Frank H. Booth
Frank H. Booth
King D. Gray
Jack Bolger
Herman Rosse
Herman Rosse
Joseph Brotherton
William Davidson
Jack Foley
Max Cohen
Max Cohen
Phil M. Friedman
Ed Ware
Charles A. Logue
still photographer
Nan Grant
Aileen Webster
Roman Freulich
72:00 min
Finger himself said on more than one occasion that Kane did indeed create a version of the character before Finger got involved with the project. Kane was inspired by the flying machine of Leonardo Da Vinci, a movie he had seen called The Bat and of course, Bela Lugosi's 1931 film Dracula which featured a "man-bat" in its opening credits.