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Updated: 1 Nov 2019
Wine n Dine is home to the food community. It's all about picture based visual menus from over 80,000 of the world's best restaurants, helping you always order delicious food. Share, discover and save dishes and restaurants to help make your next dining decision as easy as asking a friend.
over 1 year ago
I'm obsessed with this app Wine 'n Dine—it's like Instagram, but for food. You can post pictures of what you're eating and where you're at. Then whoever you follow, you can like it or press 'want to try,' and if you press that, it goes on a list on your profile, so if you don't know what to eat, you can just go to your photo gallery. Or let's say I wanted to try a sandwich my friend had in Italy: If I end up going to Italy and I'm close to the restaurant, it notifies me.