One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding - Robert Gover
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One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding

Updated: 4 Jul 2021
The original version has finally been restored restored. ... Jimmy is a college boy who thinks he knows all about sex-until he meets Kitten. She is dazzled by the hundred-dollar wad he is carrying in his pocket and is prepared to go to any lengths for it. This is the story of a riotous, crazy weekend for two young people from different ends of the American social scale.
almost 2 years ago
I got a friend who wrote a book, it’s called ‘One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding,’ it’s about this straight-A college kid, fraternity guy, and a 14-year-old negro prostitute, and it’s got two dialogues in the same book. One chapter is what he’s doing and what he does, and the next chapter is her view of him. It actually comes out and states something that’s actually true… This guy who wrote it, you can’t label him. He’s unlabelable