Winnetou, the Apache Knight - Karl Friedrich May
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Winnetou, the Apache Knight

Updated: 7 Sep 2020
"May" in this novel presented a western adventure in which a German novice, Old Shatterhand, out-shoots and finally out-wits Yankees and Indians alike. The story is about the friendship of Old Shatterhand, an American pioneer of German descent and Winnetou, a noble Indian chief.This story is highlited with the humour and spirit of the 'Westmaenner' and the 'noblesse' of the young Apache. Amazing!
Actor, Politician, Athlete
over 4 years ago
But I have to say that Karl May wrote my favorite stories. He was a German who had never seen a real cowboy or Indian, but somehow he wrote fantastic stories about this wise Apache chief named Winnetou and his cowboy friend Old Shatterhand. The stories taught me a powerful lesson about getting along despite differences, but more importantly, they opened up my world and gave me a window to see America.