Forensic Science - William J. Tilstone, William Tilstone, Kathleen A. Savage, Leigh A. Clark
Forensic Science - William J. Tilstone, William Tilstone, Kathleen A. Savage, Leigh A. Clark

Forensic Science

The only A-Z reference work on forensic science, one of the most intriguing and exciting fields in criminological studies. From dandruff to DNA, from ammunition to infrared spectrophotometry, forensic scientists employ the commonplace and the esoteric to get their man or woman. Forensic Science is the only comprehensive reference work accessible to nonexperts on this fast-changing and ever-fascinating field of criminological study. Readers will learn how the latest scientific breakthroughs and the well-honed instincts of forensics experts come together to provide the clues and amass the evidence to bring America's most notorious criminals to justice. From famous firsts in forensics to possible future developments in the science, the expert team of contributors put together by William Tilstone, executive director of the National Forensic Science Technology Center, examines techniques and technologies, key cases, critical controversies, and ethical and legal issues. * 300+ A-Z entries covering all aspects of forensic science, including crime scene investigation, evidence identification, and the historical development of forensics * 30+ photographs illustrating techniques such as the examination of ink and handwriting, hairs and fibers, guns and ammunition, and foot and tire prints * Clear, descriptive entries, geared toward high school students and readers interested in criminology or criminal justice * Dozens of real life examples from the fields of criminology, justice, and forensic science, revealing the latest and most advanced techniques
William J. Tilstone
William Tilstone
Kathleen A. Savage
Leigh A. Clark
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