The Book of Judges - James D. Martin
The Book of Judges - James D. Martin

The Book of Judges

The Book of Judges forms part of that section of the Old Testament known as the 'Historical Books'. These books are theological interpretations of history, the word of God revealed in the events of Israel's past. The Book of Judges describes the continuing attempts of the Israelites to settle in central Palestine in the period between 1250 and 1000 BC and consists of a series of stories about individual judges who, in the earlier period of settlement, as military leaders, saved the people in attacks by hostile neighbours and in the later period of settlement became judicial figures of considerable importance. In his introductory section Dr Martin tries to discern the objective truths behind the theological interpretations of historical events; he also discusses the original form of the book, its chronology, multiple authorship, sources, and the nature and role of the judges. In the established style of the series the N.E.B. translation of the text then follows, divided into brief sections and alternating with passages of commentary. The results of recent Old Testament scholarship and modern theological thought are conveyed in simple language to the student and layman.
James D. Martin
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