Leonardo da Vinci - Alessandro Vezzosi
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Leonardo da Vinci

Updated: 7 Sep 2020
Scientist, painter, philosopher, anatomist, astronomer, engineer, inventor, courtier: Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest figures of the Renaissance. This book surveys the life and work of a unique genius, from his childhood in Italy to his death in France. More than a biography, it sets his life in the context of the great courts he visited: Medici Florence, ducal Milan, royal France. Written for both younger and adult audiences, it presents a readable discussion of Leonardo's complex art, life, and thought, explores his ground-breaking research in medicine, hydraulics, metal-casting, mechanics, painting techniques, architecture, and the new science of warfare and weaponry, and examines his place in intellectual and art history.
Entrepreneur, Scientist, Superhero
over 4 years ago
Considering that he is referred to as the “Da Vinci of Our Time.” - a nickname that he seems to approve of - it is fair to say that there are obvious parallels between RDJ’s Iron Man and the famous renaissance inventor.