The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume 2: 1860 - 1865 - Abraham Lincoln
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The Papers And Writings Of Abraham Lincoln, Volume 2: 1860 - 1865

Updated: 27 Jul 2020
Lincoln the man became Lincoln the hero, year by year more heroic, until today his figure grows ever dimmer, less real. This should not be. For Lincoln the man, patient, wise, set in a high resolve, is worth far more than Lincoln the hero, vaguely glorious. Invaluable is the example of the man, intangible that of the hero. And, though it is not for us, as for those who in awed stillness listened at Gettysburg with inspired perception, to know Abraham Lincoln, yet there is for us another way whereby we may attain such knowledge-through his words-uttered in all sincerity to those who loved or hated him. Cold, unsatisfying they may seem, these printed words, while we can yet speak with those who knew him, and look into eyes that once looked into his. But in truth it is here that we find his simple greatness, his great simplicity, and though no man tried less so to show his power, no man has so shown it more clearly. This is volume two out of two of his papers and writings, covering the years 1860-1865.
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Left with “a lot of odd gaps of time to fill,” and he said he’s been trying to read more, and he has turned to the work of Abraham Lincoln. “I’d recommend [Lincoln’s work] to anyone who wants to put these times into perspective,” Cook said. “You’ll be shocked at how clever and funny and alive his thinking still is, how this reserved and humble man managed, in noisy times, to call others to hope.”