My Father Never Took Me to a Baseball Game - Stephen Costello, Chris Messina, Lauren Milligan, Jeffrey Gitomer
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My Father Never Took Me to a Baseball Game

Updated: 7 Sep 2020
"Costello's growing-up tales seemed to me a New Yorker's version of Hoosier Dan Wakefield's "Going All the Way," with maybe even a "Catcher in the Rye" touch - delightful, entertaining, above everything else honest." Bob Hammel (Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame, 15x Top Sportswriter in Indiana)This book is about family, about success, about failure, about life, and of course about baseball. Raw. Honest. Funny. Brilliant. "My Father Never Took Me To A Baseball Game" is packed with poignant life lessons and real, raw wisdom. Stephen pulls no punches, delighting readers with humorous stories and brilliant observations from his own life. Self-help meets self-humor in the pages of this amazing book, making it a true must read for all.
Actor, Athlete
over 3 years ago
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