High Stakes, No Prisoners - Charles Ferguson
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High Stakes, No Prisoners

Обновлено: 7 сент. 2020
Charles Ferguson's hilarious, hard-boiled journey into the heart of high-tech darkness has become the signal book of the start-up generation. Charles Ferguson started Vermeer Technologies and turned his very big idea into FrontPage, the first software product for creating and managing a website. Ferguson took a good idea, started a company, and sold it to Microsoft for $133 million -- all in less than two years. High Stakes, No Prisoners is both a blistering inside account of how he did it and a brilliant tour of the brutally competitive and utterly unique world of Silicon Valley. - Publisher.
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Какие книжки для предпринимателей ты посоветуешь? "High Stakes No Prisoners" - это книжка Чарльза Фергюсона, написанная в 90х годах. Этот человек продал компанию. Vermeer Technologies, продукт которой Microsoft потом назвал "frontpage" по-моему за 150 или 160 миллионов долларов в те времена, когда это были реальные деньги.
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