Difference Between God And Larry Ellison*, The *god Doesn't Think He's Larry E - Mike Wilson
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Difference Between God And Larry Ellison*, The *god Doesn't Think He's Larry E

Обновлено: 7 сент. 2020
A recent "Forbes" listed Ellison as the fifth richest man in the world, and the second richest active player (behind Gates) in the technology world. Oracle Corporation, of which he is founder and CEO, is the fastest-growing software database company in the world, and the darling of technology investors. If you withdraw cash from an ATM, make an airline reservation, hook up your TV to the Internet, then you're using Oracle. All of this makes Ellison the man investors, techies, and people-in-the-know want to know more about. The ultimate self-made man, Ellison began Oracle with a $1,200 investment and doubled its sales in eleven of its first twelve years. But he's a ruthless businessman who has used misdirection and half-truths to create one of the great high-tech success stories. He is also a daredevil sportsman with a 78-foot yacht, a number of fast jets, and beautiful women on his arm. If Gates is the nerd-King of the Valley, Ellison is its Warren Beatty. Mike Wilson has interviewed more than a hundred of Ellison's friends and enemies as well as Ellison himself to create an entertaining and provocative portrait of this enigmatic and visionary businessman.
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Ещё одна книжка "The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison" - Разница между Богом и Лэрри Эллисоном. Там же на обложке сразу же есть очень прикольная ссылка, как бы в чем же эта разница "*God Doesn't Think He's Larry Ellison". Разница между Богом и Лэрри Эллисоом заключается в том, что Бог не думает, что он Лэрри Эллисон. Абсолютно потрясающая книга, просто совершенно потрясающая. В России достаточно неизвестная про одного из самых успешных стартаперов, который в отличие от Билла Гейтса, родившегося в очень богатой, состоятельной семье со связями, родился и вырос в очень таких стеснённых обстоятельствах. Это реально человек из низов, который создал много-десятков-миллиардное состояние.
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