John Lewis: Good Trouble - 2020
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John Lewis: Good Trouble

Оновлено: 18 липня 2022
Dawn Porter Dawn Porter Laura Michalchyshyn
John Lewis
Вестерн, Військовий, Трилер, Телефільм, Фантастика, Мелодрама, Детектив, Музика, Жахи, Історичний, Фентезі, Сімейний, Драма, Документальний, Кримінал, Комедія, Мультфільм, Пригоди, Бойовик
Країна: даних немає
Рік: 2020
John Lewis: Good Trouble - 2020
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The timely biopic focuses on John Lewis’ longstanding prominence as a civil rights champion and his continuing crusade for racial and social equality. The documentary illuminates the 80-year-old Congressman’s life as it chronicles the moments on the extraordinary journey that have shaped his place in history and make him such a galvanizing figure today as protests circle the globe. Lewis’ schedule has increased ten-fold as he has become the go-to figure for TV news shows, podcasts and newspapers and magazines from the Washington Post to Vanity Fair, commenting on and leading the way forward through today’s worldwide protests and demonstrations.