How it works

The origin of the brand FLIIST consists of two main words: 

Favourite & List

Therefore each recommendation you create is called FLIIST.

If you want to have a cool profile page follow our advice below: 

Create your profile and add your first FLIIST.

Press a green plus button in the header of the page, choose some category.

We advise to search a recommendation first. If you can’t find it, so paste a link from web. 

Here is the list of categories where search works: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Books, Goods. 

We continue working on remaining category to provide you search as well. Keep calm.

Add as much info as you can, such as: quote, buy link, proof link, tags. Thus your FLIIST will look much better.

Add some public FLIISTs to your Favourite list.

Visit "People" section. There you can find the most popular profiles pages. Follow somebody.

Check your Feed now.

There is the ability to add a suggestion to some FLIISTs or profiles with Celebrity status.

In the nearest future, each member of the community who add some value to website will get some coins which can be easily converted to physical goods or with digital currency