Time Dollars - Edgar S. Cahn, Jonathan Rowe
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Time Dollars

Updated: 28 Jul 2020
According to attorney Cahn and journalist Rowe, the concept of "Time Dollars," a system for managing the sharing of people's various capabilities and other than financially based resources, has successfully "caught on" in over 80 U.S. communities. As an "economic" system, Time Dollars stresses doing over buying, commitments of time and energy in lieu of dollars. The authors use many real-life examples to demonstrate Time Dollars's eminent practicality in delivering "goods" and services as well as its capability to foment trust and connections between individuals and to support and strengthen community institutions. The final chapters detail the mechanics of starting and running a T.D. program: identifying needs, establishing procedures, and much much more. Recommended for professionals and broad public attention.--Suzanne W. Wood, SUNY College of Technology, Alfred--Library Journal.
Politician, Entrepreneur
8 days ago
What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 6 months? Time Dollars by Edgar Cahn and Jonathan Rowe really helped open my mind to possibilities of social renewal through facilitating new means of exchange of value.