Remembering Youngstown - Mark C. Peyko
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Remembering Youngstown

Updated: 28 Jul 2020
With stories of inventors, movie moguls, local cuisine and sports heroes, Editor Mark C. Peyko and the writers of the Metro Monthly not only chronicle the history of Youngstown, but also capture the essence of their home. The blows of hammers and the humming of mills once echoed throughout the Mahoning Valley. Steel reigned supreme, and immigrants from every corner of Europe came to forge new lives and an enduring community. When the sounds of industry were silenced, Youngstown remained a strong and vibrant community. Peyko and company create a portrait of their city through a beautifully rendered collection of vignettes.
Politician, Entrepreneur
6 months ago
What’s the most obscure book you own; how did you discover it? In researching for my latest book I bought a bunch of books about post-industrial cities, including Remembering Youngstown: Tales from the Mahoning Valley by Mark Peyko. Now I feel like I’m insulting Mark and his book by calling it obscure.